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Want to give a brand a beating heart?
I'm happy to share mine.

"Aside from his talent in writing,
emotional intelligence
sets him apart from the crowd."
—Sara Kway

"Clients will eat out of the palms of his jazz hands."
—Abby Hogue

"He has a natural sense of what's hilarious and interesting."
—Yiling Cao

Empathetic little boys who grew up playing and replaying the track “When She Loved Me" on their Toy Story 2 soundtrack cassettes grow up to be empathetic young men whose top-played song on Spotify is “She Used to Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles. This empathetic man is me. 

I'm most at home, MacBook in lap, writing Vanessa Hudgens fan-fiction. I'm the last person you would expect was their high school's National Honor Society President, but the first person you would expect chose Nicholas as a Catholic confirmation name so I could write my report on Santa Claus. Sara Bareilles said it best...

This is the story
a brave fool
with a big heart.

She is messy,
but she's

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