The troubling problem of presenting me — someone who already listened to "Defying Gravity" five times this morning — as a worthy writer for your next project...

Here goes nothing.  Welcome to my site.

If you hate my work, lemme know.  I owe you the story of the worst thing that I've ever done.  It's a good one. 

Currently: Copywriter at Praytell. Check out my LinkedIn.





Brave Fool, Big Heart


Empathetic little boys who grew up playing and replaying the track “When She Loved Me” on their Toy Story 2 soundtrack cassette grow up to be empathetic young men whose top-played song on Spotify is “She Used to Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles. This empathetic man is me. 

I'm most at home, MacBook in lap, writing Vanessa Hudgens fan-fiction. I'm the last person you would expect was their high school's National Honor Society President, but the first person you would expect chose Nicholas as a Catholic confirmation name so I could write my report on Santa Claus. Sara Bareilles said it best:

"She is messy, but she’s kind.”