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@48Moods Hi Moody, How Are You?


48 Moods is an experiment in collective storytelling. It is an instagram page curated and critiqued by the students of Professor Erin B. Reilly.

The hope for the future is that 48 Moods becomes an exercise beyond the class. Creatives will continue with their simple storytelling after completing the course and even after graduating from UT. In the implementation of this exhibit -- with 48 Moods as its exemplar -- we will bring 48 Moods out of people’s phones and into the public; into a tangible-meets-digital piece that sparks communication.


Insight: The lobby of the nation's number one Communications school should spark communication.

Get: UT students

To: check in with both themselves and the space around them

By: creating a visually-stimulating exhibit that asks, "how are you?"

Producer: Kevin Pellicone

Creative Director: Chris Conard

Media and System Designer: Logan Smith

Researcher:  Shuer Zhuo

Proposal Designer:  Savannah Reagor

Aesthetic Designer:  Sasha Hollomon

Writer: Laura Sliker

48 Moods Render 2.png
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