A mockumentary will launch our campaign, introducing delivery as the solution to Austin’s overpopulation problem.

Addressing the Press

A large Amy's Ice Creams will address all concerns on this live-streamed press event.


A Picture'll Last Longer

A local mural will be painted outside of an Austin Amy’s storefront. This instagrammable mural will allow locals to post about the campaign.


For the Gram

The Instagram sticker series encapsulates the whimsy, weirdness, satire, and silliness of the campaign to further engage with the 10.7K+ @amysicecreams instagram followers.


Fly Away

Austin is consistently ranked one of the best cities to visit. We'll target those leaving the city by updating the receipts at the Amy’s airport location to offer a discount for nationwide delivery.


Search ads will reach users who are actively searching for gifts or unique products to send from Austin.