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Amy's Ice Creams Nationwide Delivery #AmysRuinedAustin


Insight: Amy's is as iconically Austin as overpopulation.


In taking the blame for Austin’s overpopulation, Amy’s will bring the weirdness of Austin to the rest of the continental US. 

Strategist: CJ Holce

Strategist: Robyn Archer

Media Planner: Emily Wuetcher

Art Director: Mariah Colon

Copywriter: Kevin Pellicone


A mockumentary will launch our campaign, introducing delivery as the solution to Austin’s overpopulation problem.

Addressing the Press

A large Amy's Ice Creams will address all concerns on this live-streamed press event.


Tweet It & You Can Eat It.

Amy’s Ice Creams will respond to Tweets from Twitter users tweeting about moving to Austin. Bless your heart, you know she'll be as sweet as she can be. 


Who Doesn't Love a Banner Ad?

Me. So we kept the messaging short and sweet. The first ad targets users in Austin and the second retargets users who have just visited Amy’s site.


Alabama? That's a Discount! North Dakota, too.

shipping rate idaho.png

With a $5 discount to deliveries in every state outside of Texas, we'll encourage Amy's customers to send ice cream to their friends who haven’t moved to Austin (yet). 

CALIFORNIA: California Love! We loooove our Californians right where they are. Orders for Austin to California are all $5 off. Buy yourself something nice.

Xoxo Amy

ILLINOIS: You know what’s Illinois-ing? Austin, Texas’ overpopulation. But all orders to Illinois are now $5 off as a simple thank you for your friends  being so thoughtful and staying put.

Xoxo Amy

LOUISIANA: NOLA? More like NOWHYWOULDYOUEVERMOVETOAUSTINLOL, right? I know you’re GEUXing to adore $5 off your order. Who dat?

Xoxo Amy


NEBRASKA: I don’t mean to be corny, but Nebraska is my favorite state; beyond the state of happiness. LOL. Enjoy $5 off all orders to Nebraska.

Xoxo Amy


NORTH CAROLINA: I always liked North Carolina more than South Carolina. $5 off all orders there. Shh. Don’t tell them.

Xoxo Amy


SOUTH CAROLINA:  I always liked South Carolina more than North Carolina. $5 off all orders there. Shh. Don’t tell them.

Xoxo Amy


RHODE ISLAND: Sometimes Austin feels like a road island. Never-ending roads. Roads filled with cars, with traffic, with construction. Yeah. Yikes. Anyway, here’s a discount! $5 off all orders to Rhode Island. Because you’re worth it. Wait can I say that? LOL

Xoxo Amy


TENNESSEE: You’re the only 5 I see! LOL $5 off all orders to Tennessee.

Xoxo Amy

A Picture'll Last Longer

A local mural will be painted outside of an Austin Amy’s storefront. This instagrammable mural will allow locals to post about the campaign.


For the Gram

The Instagram sticker series encapsulates the whimsy, weirdness, satire, and silliness of the campaign to further engage with the 10.7K+ @amysicecreams instagram followers.


Fly Away

Austin is consistently ranked one of the best cities to visit. We'll target those leaving the city by updating the receipts at the Amy’s airport location to offer a discount for nationwide delivery.



Search ads will reach users who are actively searching for gifts or unique products to send from Austin.

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