BirdsEye Steamfresh start your veggies


Parents go to great lengths to get their kids to finish their vegetables. But as adults, when we can finally make food choices of our own, the last thing that comes to mind is vegetables.


It's not easy to eat healthy. But BirdsEye Steamfresh is the first step to living a healthy life. All it takes is a microwave and a pair of scissors. Today, you steamed vegetables; tomorrow, you'll run a marathon. Maybe not that. Tomorrow, you'll take the stairs.

Art Director: Angela Mats

Copywriter: Kevin Pellicone

Creative Director: Ryan Romero


Healthiest Spot

BirdsEye will buy the farthest spot in grocery store parking lots to encourage healthier habits. No, walking the extra 200 feet will not build a six-pack. No, it will not make you lose your muffin top. Nonetheless, this celebration of doing the least will encourage shoppers to get started on their respective fitness journeys.

Can you see it?

Keep looking.

Steamfresh Starts

In order to fight against the pre-meal snack, Steamfresh packages will be rebranded with Steamfresh Starts. These easy-to-do challenges of the mind, body, and soul will take five minutes to complete. So, the whole experience with the brand is healthy. Start your veggies.