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interview as the real you.

Wouldn't it be great if your first job wasn't the worst job? Sometimes fresh out of school — especially in the context of a global pandemic — it's pretty tough to land anything. But the more you know yourself, the easier it becomes.

Handshake wanted to push their brand voice to something a little laxer and Gen-Z. With these simple "this or that?" quizzes, we've provided real ways an interviewee can use their personality as workplace soft skills that'll help them land a first job. 

April 2021  |  CW: Me  |  ADs: Daniel Cruz & Fairfax Banks   |  Work created at PRAYTELL 

Handshake_PQ2-1x1Fixed v Growth.jpg
Handshake_PQ3-1x1Fixed v Growth.jpg
Handshake_PQ4-1x1Fixed v Growth.jpg
Handshake_PQ-1x1Fixed v Growth.jpg
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