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Torchy's Tacos Hell with tradition.


Torchy’s Tacos is launching three new locations close to the campuses of Kansas State University (KSU), The University of Georgia (UGA), and Louisiana State University (LSU). All three of these schools have time-honored traditions, many of which are begging to be messed with. Torchy’sTacos is far from traditional. So, who better to tease these deep-rooted, campus traditions than

the charming Devil himself?


In order to fully immerse itself into each university’s culture, Torchy’s has one thing to say: Hell with tradition.

Insight: The greatest tradition of young people is challenging traditions

Get: College students at target locations (UGA/LSU/K-State)

To: Eat and accept Torchy’s

By: Showing that Torchy’s teases local campus traditions

Why This Works: This resonates with Torchy’s already charmingly

devilish brand voice and the authenticity Gen-Z craves when giving a

company their business.

Strategist: CJ Holce

Strategist: Robyn Archer

Media Planner: Emily Wuetcher

Art Director: Mariah Colon

Copywriter: Kevin Pellicone

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